Harness the Power of Digital!

Our consultancy packages are designed to help your business to develop its digital capability, allowing you to gain competitive advantage and growth. Whatever your requirements, there’s a brilliant solution…


Software Consultancy


  • Requirements Gathering
  • Code Reviews
  • Software Design
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • IT Consultancy


Strategy and Planning


  • Digital Audit
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Measurement & Optimisation
  • Agile Transformation
  • Agile Coaching


User Experience


  • User Research
  • Expert Usability Review
  • Usability Testing


Web and Mobile Development

  • Website & Application Development
  • Mobile Experiences
  • Our Development Process




Software Consultancy

Discovery. Analysis. Architecture.

For mission-critical software that scales new heights.

We work with clients for whom software is mission-critical.

For whom making the right technical decisions, at the right time, is imperative to the continued success and growth of their businesses.

And so we provide a team that is committed, proven and creative. As well as endlessly excited about the potential of what can be achieved.


Requirements Gathering

The more we ask, the more we understand. And the more we understand, the more answers we have.

In a nutshell, that’s why we place so much importance on requirements gathering. It’s one of the the most crucial activities we undertake because it’s only when we’re armed with the right information that we can get off to the best possible start.


Code Reviews

Whether you’re about to embark on a new development project or make improvements to what’s already there, a code review can give you the confidence you need to move forward.

At Cooldatasoft our developers and consultants have performed code reviews for clients including BSkyB, HSBC, Expedia, CIsco analysing large, complex systems that are often business-critical. And we can do the same for you too.


Software Design

Complex software requirements often require a creative software solution – something that can’t be bought off the shelf.

It’s why our software designers will help deliver a software specification for you that targets your exact requirements, processes and business environment. These thoroughly-researched, tailored technical specifications provide a single, central point of reference for all teams involved on your project, minimising risk, reducing cost and speeding up your time to market.


Software Development

An established and proven software development company, we have decades of experience creating software solutions for some of the world’s leading enterprise organisations.

It means you can trust us to deliver high-performance applications and websites that fuel growth and profitability. And you can trust our robust agile process focused on communication, collaboration and iteration to deliver you software that’s perfectly aligned with your goals.


Software Testing

Many systems managers are fearful of their software failing, all too aware of the effect it can have on the profitability of their business.

Our expert consultants however can help you develop software testing strategies and quality assurance procedures that will help to identify any potential vulnerabilities in your process, highlight opportunities for efficiency or cost savings, and minimise risk.


IT Consultancy

When it comes to IT infrastructure, what you want is to be future-proofed.

To know that your systems are robust and dynamic enough to cope with whatever is around the corner, whether that’s new technologies, changing digital requirements, or business growth.


Strategy & Planning

Engagement. Innovation. Growth.

Transform your organisation with digital strategies that scale and flex as you do.

In a digital landscape that’s constantly changing and evolving, you need a clear strategic plan. 

A plan that’s robust enough to stay aligned with long-term business goals – yet flexible enough that you can take advantage of new trends and technologies as they emerge.

A plan that delivers agility in the face of market disruption. And rapid scalability during periods of business growth.

Cooldatasoft for when predicting the future seems impossible.


Digital Audit

Survey the digital landscape, identify your next steps, and pave the way for success.

When it comes to defining your digital strategy, knowing where you are is just as important as knowing where you want to go.

After all, it’s only by understanding the current market, industry and wider digital landscapes – and your place within them – that you’ll be able to identify the most lucrative opportunities available to you.

So when you may be struggling to see the way ahead, let Cooldatasoft’s consultants guide you. Our digital audit provides you with the insight you need to unlock this understanding – putting the power squarely in your hands.

Roadmap Planning

Put your digital strategy on the road to success.

You’ve done the research. You know your market. Your goals have been set. But where do you go from here?

For the structure and long-term vision needed to keep you on the path to success, an effective roadmap is essential. It will help you identify necessary technology updates, plan for cultural change, enable the recruitment of new team members and give you a crucial point of reference from which to establish a shared understanding of future direction.

Our consultants can support your roadmap planning, leaving you with a clearly-prioritised set of next steps.

Measurement & Optimisation

Define. Test. Measure. Refine.

Continuous improvement of your digital KPIs, for a strategy that grows along with your organisation.

Continual improvement: it’s the holy grail for many organisations. But how can you improve if you’re not able to effectively judge the success of your activity?

That’s where our measurement and optimisation services come in – and we’ll begin by understanding exactly what your digital goals are.

As customers become increasingly savvy this means going beyond the surface too,  to uncover what will move your users along their journey towards the final interaction or point of sale. But with these goals in place, you’ll be able to truly measure how well your digital initiatives serve your business.

Agile Transformation

Be focused. Be flexible. Be better.

Unlocking the power of Agile is about so much more than implementing a software development methodology; it requires a cultural shift across teams and organisations.

At Cooldatasoft we’ve helped numerous organisations make this shift, having delivered consultancy services to clients across a diverse set of industries from a sporting governing body through logistics and automotive firms to universities and membership institutions.

Agile Couching

Transformative Agile coaching from experienced Agile practitioners.

Unlocking the power of Agile is more than a question of implementation, requiring instead a complete cultural shift both within your team and the wider organisation. 

As practitioners of Agile themselves, our coaching team understands this reality and therefore design their sessions to provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed not just to do Agile, but to be Agile – responsive, flexible and nimble yet constantly focused on the goal in hand.


User Experience & Design

Exceptional, award-winning User Experience & Design services.

Leave no user interaction to chance.

We all know that a good user experience should be instinctive, natural, and effortless. But at Box UK we also have the decades of experience to make it so.

Working with international organisations across a broad range of industries, our UX consultants have built up a portfolio of successful and award-winning projects that speaks for itself.

With clients such as HSBC, BSkyB, Expedia, Cisco, we have proven time and again that the benefits of investing in user experience are not only far-reaching but also long-lasting – positively impacting on user satisfaction and business performance.

Expert Usability Review

This usability audit helps you continue to iterate and improve digital products for long-term returns.

Want to validate the success of a recently-launched project, or do you already know that aspects of your digital strategy are underperforming?

Whatever your goals, an expert usability review can deliver insight to help you make significant improvements to both user satisfaction and business performance.

From websites and online portals through to multi-channel and e-commerce experiences, we can review any of your digital products and services to assess how well they adhere to good UX practice and key accessibility and usability standards.

Usability Testing

Let your users point the way – with expertly-executed usability testing, for unbeatable user insight.

When you’re committing long-term investment to the development of a new product, or to improving the performance of your current digital channels, you need the highest levels of confidence before you commit to any decisions.

At Box UK our consultants have hundreds of hours of user testing under their belts for clients, across a wealth of industries – not least FMCG, finance, membership and education – and we offer a number of different usability testing solutions that fit the bill no matter what your particular need.

Catering to your unique timescales and environments, our testing programme allows you to understand user behaviour, giving you the confidence you need to make decisions about features and roadmaps as well as satisfying your stakeholders that budgets are being appropriately spent.


Web and Mobile Development

Websites. Applications. Mobile solutions.

All precision-engineered.

If online is critical to the continued growth and success of your business, it’s important that it’s executed perfectly. Which is where our team of exceptionally skilled and visionary developers come in.

We create innovative websites and mobile experiences that delight and differentiate for ambitious, disruptive and innovative organisations worldwide – helping drive measurable results including audience expansion, cost savings, and recognition from leading industry bodies.

So if you need help turning your digital vision into reality, the solution’s brilliantly simple: let Cooldatasoft be your guide.

Website Development

Exceptional web development. For irresistible online experiences.

Cooldatasoft has a proven delivery record in delivering high-performance enterprise applications and websites that fuel growth and profitability.

Our technology solutions are designed with architectural principles based around robustness, scalability and extensibility in order to deliver enterprise solutions that serve both business and user needs, now and in the longer term.

We additionally use a variety of modern, well-supported technologies, alongside proven libraries and tools to aid development efficiency and speed.

Mobile Experiences

Flexible, responsive mobile development. For multi-channel experiences that target users on the move.

Mobile users never stand still – so we’ll make sure you don’t either.

From responsive frameworks to connected cross-channel experiences, we’ll work with you to develop solutions that that extend your reach, attract customers, encourage interaction and increase your conversions. And with a track record like ours, you can trust in our ability to deliver.

Our Development Process

Measured, tested and proven. A development process that produces rock solid results.

For us, where development is concerned the ‘how’ is just as important as the ‘what’.

And we’re proud to employ scarily smart people who are always aiming to push back the digital boundaries to deliver better products for our clients. But we’re just as proud of the process that underpins this great work – one focused on end-to-end visibility, client collaboration, and industry best practice.



Digital technologies are transforming the way we do business – they enable organisations to serve their customers in new ways, extend their global reach and operate more efficiently. The range of digital technologies available today have the capability to change how we do almost everything. For this reason technology teams in every enterprise have a critical role to play in supporting their business to successfully realise its digital vision. Cooldatasoft offers advisory and delivery services that can help you on this journey.
In order to maintain competitive advantage organisations need to be able to transform their IT while continuing to deliver great service. Delivering change can be complex and sometimes you may need extra support. Cooldatasoft offers a range of innovative and flexible managed service solutions that can help bridge the gap between what you can do and what you need to do for long-term success. By placing people with the right skills in the right role during the initiation stage of major change initiatives, execution quality can be enhanced while also reducing the time-to-market for products and services. As an independent provider we develop delivery based partnerships to ensure the best possible service for our customers.  Our managed services are flexible, scalable and designed to meet specific customer needs.  We provide services and expertise across a broad range of IT skills including infrastructure technical disciplines, application development, software testing, technical design and project management.

Bespoke Software Development

From stock control, through to document management systems, we can help you leverage new technology.

Uptime & Security

Our investment in mainstream hardware and security solutions provides our customers with the best possible service.

High Quality Design

We can develop a high quality bespoke software for you. We’ve been around for over 8 years and we have a proven track record, with clients recommending us to their contacts we have grown organically.

Cloud Strategy & Adoption

Cloud computing provides the foundation for agility, innovation and growth, but only when implemented through a comprehensive cloud strategy. We have designed, developed and implemented cloud solutions for enterprise customers across a number of industries. This broad perspective enables us to provide unprecedented insights into how market leaders use the cloud and what is required to leverage its full potential. Experienced in all the leading cloud service providers, we offer expert advice across public, private or hybrid options to help you choose the right environment for your organisation.

Cloud Migration

Cooldatasoft helps customers transition from on-premise services to cloud or hybrid based services. Our cloud experts provide detailed guidance through the various phases of a migration project to ensure your move to the cloud is seamless, non-disruptive and secure. We have experience of migrating a wide range of business-critical workloads to the cloud including virtual machines, physical-to-virtual or individual applications. Our architects and engineers have extensive migration experience using the main cloud platforms and their associated tools, and specialise in architectural designs that meet the governance, compliance and security requirements of highly regulated industries.


Cloud Computing

To help you maximise the potential of cloud computing, we deliver a range of capabilities tailored to your requirements. Whether you have already migrated to the cloud and need support to optimise your solution, or you are developing a strategy for cloud adoption, our cloud experts can help.  Designed and deployed as a comprehensive managed service, our solution can support service management, service migration and on-boarding, deployment and configuration, validation and testing, and service operation.

Enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery

For businesses today, software-driven innovation is the new source of competitive advantage. To increase agility and improve the customer experience, there is a growing need for organisations to increase the frequency and quality of their software releases. DevOps is an integrated approach to software delivery that helps transform an organisations culture, processes and tools. Our DevOps services extend across the lifecycle and support both digital customer-facing systems and large-scale enterprise products. Our specialists work with you to analyse, design and implement end-to-end deployment pipelines and to establish or update continuous integration capabilities using modern tools and methods.

Digital Product & Service Development

The growth of digital has created unprecedented opportunities for organisations to engage and interact with their customers. Every organisation will have to decide how they respond, striking the balance between enhancing existing products and creating new ones. We help our customers harness the benefits of mobile, web and cloud technologies to digitally transform their business. Using agile methods to improve time to market, our services cover the entire software lifecycle encompassing the design, development and launch of new products and services, and the migration of existing applications to the latest technologies. We have extensive expertise in enterprise technologies including Amazon AWS, Mobile, Android, Java and full JavaScript frameworks.

Agile Transformation and Delivery

To be competitive in the digital age, businesses need to achieve agility at scale. Agile software development is a key differentiation and brings with it benefits including faster time to market, higher quality products and satisfied customers. However, achieving agility requires more than just a software development methodology – it requires structural, cultural and technology changes that impact across the organisation. Cooldatasoft has robust capabilities in agile development, DevOps and cloud and we are currently working with a growing number of organisations to transform their delivery capability through the introduction of advanced agile thinking, processes, tools and techniques.


Strategic Programmes

We specialise in helping organisations deliver complex change programmes by providing industry-leading programme management consulting services, methods and tools. We utilise programme delivery methodologies that are robust, transparent and based on experience drawn from large scale projects across a range of industry sectors. By providing leadership from the start of a project, we give customers the level of confidence and assurance that they require. Our portfolio management services provide you with the systems, methodologies and expertise to manage multiple complex projects in a cost-effective manner. We can assist you from feasibility through to operations, ensuring you have the control, information and transparency required to ensure business success.

Programme Delivery Services

As your programme delivery partner on technology change programmes, we help shape your change agenda and drive results. Working within your team, we supply hands-on programme and project managers, support functions and trusted advisors to support programme governance and delivery. All our project management consultants are accredited practitioners who are focused on successful delivery.

Services Integration and Management

The success of a modern, digital enterprise is often determined by how effectively IT and business work together to deliver services that meet the expectations of their end users and customers. We have more than a decade of experience delivering service integration transformation, to both private and public sector customers, and can empower organisations with the insights they need to become strategic enablers of business in the digital economy.  From assessing your current capabilities and technologies to creating a service strategy and roadmap, our service management experts can assist you in creating your digital transformation plans.


Quality Assurance

Our consultants adopt a constructive and collaborative approach to enable timely identification and resolution of issues that could jeopardise successful delivery of your programme or project. Our framework follows a number of defined phases and encompasses key questions that ensure focus remains on the outcomes of your transformation programme. We offer flexible and bespoke assurance services tailored to your needs. Our assurance services can be engaged to assure software testing, delivery of work programmes or individual projects, or to assess specific functional disciplines, covering structures, process maturity, resource capability and tool utilisation.



The emergence of digital technologies combined with increased customer service expectations makes testing and quality assurance more challenging and important than ever before. The extraordinary impact digital is having on the way businesses interact with their employees, customers and each other is pushing every organisation to rethink its approach to testing. No longer a supporting capability, testing is now a strategic driver of competitive differentiation. Cooldatasoft’s independent testing and quality assurance services help organisations address these challenges. Our testing methods are well structured and easily adaptable. We deploy modern testing techniques and tools such as requirements validation and traceability, risk-based testing, automated test design and processes to support agile test models.


Environments and Data Management

Many organisations maintain permanent test environments to support the on time delivery of projects. Managing these environments and the associated data requirements, consistently and efficiently across the testing lifecycle for multiple projects can be costly and time consuming. Growing complexity in systems architecture and increasing demands on test environments only add to the challenge. Our test environment and data management services provide the additional expertise required to design and implement fit for purpose test environments, manage data effectively and identify the level of test environment support required to ensure effective test execution.


Mobile App Development

Our mobile development specialists create enterprise-grade apps that help our customers differentiate themselves in the market, generate new revenue streams and enhance productivity. Utilising agile delivery methods, our creative designers, architects and developers are industry leaders in their field, and possess the in-depth skills required to design, develop, integrate and deploy mobile apps on all industry leading platforms (iOS, Android, HTML5 & Hybrid). With specialist expertise in mobile banking, payments, back-end integration and digital health, our specialists create innovative, cutting-edge app solutions that will help your organisation realise its digital ambitions.


Web App Development

Utilising rapid application development frameworks and agile methodologies, we develop web apps that are aligned to your strategic business objectives. We work with our customers to identify and define requirements, create a technology strategy, and map out a project schedule. Our expert developers are capable of delivering web apps that simplify complex business logic for the end-users, ensuring high performance, scalability and seamless integration. We have developed enterprise-grade web apps for customers across a range of industries and have expertise across the leading web technologies LAMP, Java and full JavaScript frameworks.


Agile Development Services

We provide a dedicated customer co-location service to enhance your mobile and web development capability. By providing an end-to-end agile development team, or integrating experts into your existing development team, we can help instil agile best practice, increase innovation and expedite product backlog delivery. Underpinned by repeatable processes and tools, and proven delivery methodologies, our agile development teams are currently co-creating business critical apps with financial services, pharmaceuticals, and energy companies across the UK and Europe.


Technical Delivery Services

Ensuring you have the capability to enhance your technical services or be assured that they are running effectively, are key areas of our managed service portfolio. Whether it be to support you BAU function or help establish and deliver new technical projects we can support you from day one and endure over the years that follow. Working to outcomes and SLA’s ensures you have a measurable and productive service.