Concept of CIA in Security

There are 3 most important principals of security called CIA triad in short of which are:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

Confidentiality; is the measures used to ensure the protection of the secrecy of the resource. and the goal is to prevent or minimise unauthorised access to it.

eg. Encryption, access controls …

Integrity; is the concept of protecting the reliability and correctness of data by avoiding unauthorised modifications to it.

Examination of integrity can be categorised into three;

    1. Preventing unauthorised subjects from making modifications
    2. Preventing authorised subject from making unauthorised modifications. eg. mistakes
    3. Maintaining the internal and external consistency of objects so that their data is a correct and any relationship with any child, peer or parent object is valid, consistent and verifiable.

Availability; means authorised subjects are granted timely and uninterrupted access to the resources

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