6 Advantages of Cloud Computing

AWS, the leading cloud provider, defines the 6 advantages of cloud like below:

  1. Stop Guessing Capacity
  2. Economies of Scale
  3. Variable Operational Cost vs Capital Expense
  4. Go Global in Minutes
  5. Increase Speed & Agility
  6. Focus on Business

If you are going to deploy an application, you need to make a capacity decision and almost always you either end up with expensive idle hardware or limited capacity. However, with cloud computing, there is no need for any guessing. You scale up or down as necessary within a few minutes and only pay for the time frame you have used the resources.

Because cloud providers deal with thousands of customer from all over the world, they can achieve much lower variable cost than individual companies by aggregating the demand.

Instead of investing on expensive hardware and servers without actually knowing if you are going to use them fully, you can pay only the amount of computing resources you consume and for only the time interval you consume.

Even small organisations can easily deploy their applications to multiple geographic locations around the world with just a few clicks and deliver content with much lower latency resulting in a much better customer experience.

New resources are only a few clicks away. You don’t need to wait for days or weeks to get a new environment anymore. This results in huge increase in speed and agility for the organisations as D=developers can be much more efficient.

Cloud computing allows organisations to spend more time with the actual business like building mobile applications, delivering video content… rather than trying to solve complex datacenter and server maintenance problems and high running costs.

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