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Cloud Based Services

We specialize on RestFul Web services using well known open source frameworks like Spring, Jersey & RestEasy that are hosted on Amazon AWS in the cloud

Huge Dataset Solutions

We help manage your huge datasets in well known NoSQL solutions like Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis…

Open Source Software

We provide services using several proven open source solutions that will deliver the maximum value for our customers

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Automated testing is one of the most important aspect of Software Delivery. Unless there are automated tests in place, we will never know if the application we are developing is going to work fully as expected. Developers who are experienced enough know that even one single character at one place of source might break a

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java.util.URLEncoder class has been used incorrectly in almost every project I have been involved in. Software developers are supposed to name their software components in a way that the name itself should give some meaningful hints about what it does without too much effort. However, Sun  has named this class quite badly and it can’t be changed as java sdk

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